Featured Artist - Catherine Wiley


Catherine Wiley

Four years ago, I attended my first “Wine & Brush” event, and I’ve been painting ever since! The moment I put paint to canvas was really exhilarating and I knew this is what I wanted to do: create beautiful things with my own hands and heart that make others happy as well.

Painting allows me to slow down, open up, and truly see the natural beauty that surrounds us. I find inspiration everywhere – our farms, our fields and rivers, but especially our trees. It was the forests that attracted me to Oregon, and here I am, living in a “Tree City.” Every tree I see is unique, with its own personality and history, and I try to capture that story. The same holds true for the dogs I paint – but the pups are simply more fun!

Catherine Wiley

Susan Paul-Williams

The first time I saw someone make a pot on the wheel as a child it seemed like magic to me. I love having my hands in the clay. It makes me feel connected to the Earth and  the cycles of Life. Transforming clay into a useful piece which hopefully brings others joy, makes me happy.  My husband, photographer Michael Tilton Williams and I owned and operated our own gallery in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 20 years. In 2011 we ‘retired’ to Grants Pass, Oregon and the transformation of clay on the potter’s wheel still seems like magic to me ~ and it’s fun!

Susan Paul-Williams
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7x3 Tall Trees2

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Featured Artist – Marianne Nielsen

Once again, I am delighted and honored to be the featured artist at Gallery One for the month of July.
Watercolor is my love and passion. I am constantly discovering new and exciting ways to express myself. While I enjoy all kinds of subject matter, i.e. landscapes, flowers and people, I find
particular pleasure painting animals-both wild and domestic.  I have studied under several well know watercolor artists, but also have spent many hours working on my own to perfect my style and technique.
Much of my time is spent teaching others how to paint watercolor as I have around 50 students weekly. I receive a great deal of pleasure watching my students evolve and excel and become successful artists in their own right.