Susan Paul-Williams

Susan Paul Williams vase I’m so excited to be back for First Friday in front of Gallery One! Last year would have been my
4th year demonstrating making pots on my wheel and it was sad not to be able to gather. This
year is special because since the other artist was unable to attend Cindy asked if my husband,
photographer Michael Williams would share the show with me.
We are former art gallery owners from the Bay Area. We moved to Grants Pass in 2011 after
selling our gallery to 2 of Michael’s students and our son. We both had the good fornute to have
mothers who encouraged our passions; mine put me in a pottery class as a child and Michael’s
mother got him a Pentax camera to take on his Sierra camping trips when he was 12 years old.
We both continued in these fields and made careers out of them. In 1990 we purchased the
small gallery with large studio where I’d been working since 1982 and converted it into a large
gallery and added Michael’s cibachrome darkroom. We also began giving classes.
Michael has a background in travel photography and photojounalism. He had traveled to the
Himalaya 5 times to document the lives of the local people and the incredible mountains they
live among. He is the author of 12 books a was a master printer and teacher. Recently they
published a book together.
We believe in the spiritual nature and the magic that happens in the process of creating. It is a
state of grace to communicate with pure emotion through our work.