Gallery One Artist Inventory Form

Adding additional items

To add more items click the "Add Another Item" checkbox (6 max per form submission).
If you have more than 6 items to list you should submit the first 6 then fill out and submit the form again and repeat as many times as needed.

Item Status Instructions

There are 3 options:

  • "New" item means it is new to inventory and needs sticker/label.  Use this if you are unsure if it is "returning".
  • "Out" item means that it was in the gallery but now you have removed it.  Please list the inventory #.
  • "Returning" itme means it was in the inventory, you took it away and now you are bringing it back.  New tag or sticker will be printed.

If you want size listed in the inventory, include it in the 'Size' field for the item.  You must use HWD (height, width, depth) order.  This will not display publically.
PRICE CHANGE: List inventory # under "title", list new price (leave the rest blank).

Item 1