Gallery One Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your inquiry into exhibiting in Gallery One. The Gallery features artwork from approximately 60 local artists at any given moment.

Gallery policies and procedures:
Artists are divided into two categories: “wall” or “gift.” Wall artists pay rent (determined by the size of the space involved). Commission for wall artists is 15% and for gift artists is 20%. Gift artists’ work is arranged in display cases by the Manager. Wall artists hang their work in designated spaces.
Each artist is required to work one to two shifts in the Gallery each month. After training is completed, artists work shifts by themselves and are responsible for opening or closing the gallery, handling sales, and greeting every visitor.
The Gallery is not a co-op. Artists have 0% ownership. Artists’ input is welcome. All artists must follow the rules and abide by the Gallery Manager’s directions.
Some artists have a permanent placement in the Gallery (assuming they keep up their responsibilities). Most new artists will be selected for a “Revolving Artist” wall. This means that new artists will have a place in the Gallery for one to three months. A longer placement may be available depending on many different factors. Artists need to rotate their display with new works on a regular basis. Artists need to have a consistent and large body of work ready before applying.

How to Apply:
Artists are juried into the Gallery. Artists are selected based on the quality of the artwork, sales price points, consistency in the body of the work; with a big focus on whether the artwork is different than other work already represented in the Gallery.
Prospective artists need to submit four images of artwork that is indicative of the type of art they will display if chosen. All work in the Gallery is for sale. There is no application fee.
The Gallery Manager will respond to an application within 30 days. At this point artist can expect to be told when there is a space available for them, be put on a waitlist, or not be selected at this time.

Artists whose work is very different than existing work in the Gallery and at a reasonable price point, have the best chance of getting selected. The Gallery receives about 30 artist inquires each month about joining. The Gallery does not have enough space to accommodate everyone.  Photography is the hardest category to get into the Gallery as there are already many long-term photographers represented.

 Submission Form

Please upload 4 images each with the following information.

  • Title
  • Medium
  • Size
  • Price
  • Year created

Acceptable image formats: JPEG, PNG, TIFF.