Judy Elliott

Reflection 3040Artist Judy Elliott is the featured artist for the month of July
at Gallery One, 229B SW G Street, Grants Pass, Oregon 97526.

First Friday July 7th Gallery One Featured Artist Judy Elliott invites to you to her live demonstration of silk painting from 6:00pm - 7:00pm.  Judy will be in the Gallery to meet you from 5:30pm to 7:30pm..

Artist Statement
My inspiration for painting on silk is influenced by my experience while growing up in Hawaii with a family who appreciated art, music, exotic cultures and a love of nature, as well as my observations while hiking throughout Oregon.  After reading countless articles about the perils of nature and it's wildlife, I chose to express the urgency of man's awareness and accountability for his role in this degredation.  My work attempts to reflect this.  
My work relates to traditional painting; instead of paint on canvas, I use dye and resist on silk.  As I developed my imagery, I created my own technique as a pictorial expression.  Usually, I focus on a particular area with endangered species as a subject matter, as in the ocean and it's sealife, rivers and streams with birds and fish, Hawaiian wildlife or bees with wildflowers.
The beauty of our natural world and its preservation pleases my soul and inspires me to create.

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