Corbin Brashear

zDSC 2590 EditI am a fiber artist and teacher who enjoys pushing the edge of wool,
whimsy and wonder by using a felting needle to sculpt and coax
elemental spirits into form. My work is profoundly influenced by the
rugged wilderness of my home in the Siskiyou Mountains, where I find
the raw materials I love to work with. I weave these treasures
together with my felting needle to create my whimsical mixed media
sculptures, masks and tapestries.
I am drawn to the alchemy of natural objects, the weaving of one form
into another, the literal transfiguration of the raw natural materials:
driftwood, kelp, lichen, and wool into sculptures. I am intrigued by the
shapes and suspended movement I see in the natural objects I find
and the stories that their bodies still tell of the elements and places
that shaped them. I honor the wild spirit and life story of these
materials and my sculptures seek to embody the essence of the joy,
wonder and resilence of these wild places. My work can be viewed on
my website


z2022.8 Jader Don Habitat in the Age of Life MMz2022.8 Jader Don Habitat in the Age of Life MM

z2022.8 Jader Don Habitat in the Age of Life MM